Welcome To IIDSC 2020

About us

Down syndrome is the most common genetic condition in the world today and India has one of the highest incidences of Down syndrome. In spite of that, awareness about this condition is so low, most people tend to confuse persons with Down syndrome with other intellectual disabilities.

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Our Mission

To reach out to a larger population of society in our country to talk about Down syndrome and to provide the right kind of information to them to enable them to lead better lives. To better educate the public in India about the possibilities and potential of all people with Down syndrome..

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For more details, please mail us to brinda@tattvagroup.com or call us at +91 98400 60817

Event Faqs

As a country we need to know more about Down syndrome and help spread awareness. The aim of IIDSC 2020 is to help spread this awareness.t

Anybody who believes that as a society we can progress only if we are able to include everybody including persons with special needs, is someone who must attend IIDSC 2019

This is the first time that this event is being organized. We will be opening registration shortly. Fill in the attached form and we will keep you updated on all the details of the conference.